5 tips to a successful morning fitness routine.

Finding the time for a fitness routine is not easy when you have a full time job. Sitting at a desk the whole day effected my health. I need to exercise more often.
Although I’m a passionate fitness blogger, I experienced ups and downs and I felt challenged finding motivation lately. Here are my top 5 tips to get back into a fitness routine and stick to it. I like I like exercising in the morning. Are you an early bird?

Tip 1: Know your excuses
If you are honest to yourself the easier it will get. My personal challenge is getting out of bed and when I look at the rainy weather, I don’t fancy to go for a run. Knowing these excuses, being honest to myself, I can work around them. I usually snooze up to 20 min. Now I changed my alarm to an earlier time, 6:15 am it is. And the weather? Excuse me this is London, I better get myself the right running gear and get on with it. No more excuses.

Tip 2: Be organise the night before
One of the top mistakes I did and why I failed to run to work when I really wanted to, was searching for my fitness gear in the morning. I was running around in my room and because I snoozed too long and I couldn’t find that particular pair of leggings, time was running out. I FAILED!
I’s so simple: Pack your bag the night before. The benefit is you don’t have to worry in the morning. Your leggings and jacket are ready to wear and off you go!

Tip 3: Choose a realistic fitness challenge (goal) to start with.
If you have managed your excuses and you are well organised and out there running to work, like I did, there is still the chance to fail in doing it again. And you like to have a new routine, otherwise a one-off thing won’t give any results. If you haven’t done any running or fitness for a while, please start with a small goal. 5km might be too much although you did run it in the past. Give your body time to get back into it. 

Tip 4: Make it a habit
Once you have set a goal what your new fitness routine will be, try to repeat it on a specific days. Write it in your calendar or into your phone. Creating a habit takes a couple of week.  JUST DO IT!
Examples for a fitness goal: Running to work (5km) every Tuesday to increase my fitness.

Tip 5: Nutrition is as important as exercising
Your muscles need nutrition and recover faster. I always have a protein shake after a run. I have my protein at work and at home. If you prefer a big breakfast with eggs that’s good too. 

Good luck establishing your new fitness routine. 

If you are not a morning person, just find the right time for you. 
Or firstly start with a day for example "Every Saturday I exercise".


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