Jungle diary: Before the race

We finally arrived in Santarém, Brazil, after being nearly 24h on the move.
My team "The Jungle Warriors" from my gym: Flo, Liz, Jon and Stuart.
From the airport we drove ca. 30 min to Alter Do Chao to get on the boat for the 10 hour overnight tour to the first base camp.

Everyone found a place to hang up their hammock. Over 60 people were on the boat.
The next morning we stopped for a swim and many people enyojed a jump into the river.

With a warm welcome by the local kids we found our way to the first base camp along the beach. The first and most important thing to do was to find a place for the hammock and get organised. We stayed 2 nights at this lovely place and had time to climatise and get to know eachother.

A day before the race we were informed about the local dangerous animals like snakes and spiders and we had our kit check done.

I was not afraid at all just nervous about how to handle my energy and pace throughout the day. Well, just snakes I don't really want to …


Pic: Upper body strengthening. Outfit Decathlon: Kalenji Rain Jacket and Kalenji Trail tights.
Most of the gyms have this training straps as they are really good for body weight exercises. I'm quite familiar with it and thought it would be perfect for my outdoor training. 
I love obstacle course races and currently training for one. I was testing the DOMYOS Cross-Training Strap from DECATHLON during my training sessions in Primrose Hill, London.

Pic on Decathlon web page showing straps and bag.
OUTDOOR: I used a pole in the outdoor gym to attach the strap. Looking at the picture above, the middle strap goes around the pole or a tree. Then I clip in the strap with the two handle.
INDOOR: Use the strap with the two handle attached and place it thought the door as shown in the instructions below.

The packaging shows you plenty of exercises and also how to attach the straps securely.
I had so much fun with my friend in the park. We were taking turns and tried mainly upper body exercises which …

Tough Mudder - Mudder Woman Event

I had a great day hanging out at Tough Mudder HQ in London. We are a mixed bunch of bloggers from fitness, travel to lifestyle bloggers that all will take on the mudder woman challenge. And the best fun is we'll share our training fun and tears with you using #mudderwoman.
To get to know each other, we met up on a Saturday morning and Tough Mudder HQ office turned into a yoga class.
Have you heard about Tough Mudder obstacle course races? Compared to other races that involve running, this race is not about time. You manage your chosen distance with a team.  The key is teamwork and helping each other though the race. Running is part of it but due to the many and different obstacle I feel that it's much more enjoyable than a 5km race.
The obstacles split the running part into smaller distances and at the end you don't realise that you ran a 5k or 5 miles. If you like fitness and not so keen on running, this might be something to try. 
The picture above shows "up dog", …

Who’s my VALENTINE? Next year!

Happy Valentines!
The top line of some messages received today but they were from my best friends. Happy single day it is for me, with a smile on my face.
Being single for a little while, the commercialisation can be a bit annoying. Roses over floating supermarkets and hearts are everywhere. Ok, this is one of the bestselling days for retail, but can be quite emotionally difficult for some people.
Recently separated, long time singles, I know how you feel. I’ve been there. This year I made the decision to just do something for me, focus on something I like and makes me happy. And I just have a joyfully day. Simple! (actually you can do that every day)
I clearly empathising only positive word and descriptions here as this is the key. I better think of all the great things I can do, will do today, instead of what I don’t have or miss.
This feels good.
Live in the present. I treat myself to nice food and drinks tonight but also go to the gym. Why not being active today? It takes my mind away and …

5 tips to a successful morning fitness routine.

Finding the time for a fitness routine is not easy when you have a full time job. Sitting at a desk the whole day effected my health. I need to exercise more often. Although I’m a passionate fitness blogger, I experienced ups and downs and I felt challenged finding motivation lately. Here are my top 5 tips to get back into a fitness routine and stick to it. I like I like exercising in the morning. Are you an early bird?
Tip 1: Know your excuses If you are honest to yourself the easier it will get. My personal challenge is getting out of bed and when I look at the rainy weather, I don’t fancy to go for a run. Knowing these excuses, being honest to myself, I can work around them. I usually snooze up to 20 min. Now I changed my alarm to an earlier time, 6:15 am it is. And the weather? Excuse me this is London, I better get myself the right running gear and get on with it. No more excuses.
Tip 2: Be organise the night before One of the top mistakes I did and why I failed to run to work when…

2018 - new year – new me!

2018 is fast approaching, I can’t believe we are already halfway through.
Glad 2017 is over. What kind of year was that? I struggled a lot on a personal level and my blogging here went a bit quiet.
Moving flat 2x within 2 month, that drained out all my energy. Shortly after that, my parents in Germany got their notice on their flat too. WTF! Sorry! Why now?
3 x moving was crazy. I can’t describe how I felt when my parents got the letter from their landlord. This flat was where I was growing up. My parents lived there 40 years. This situation touched me emotionally a lot. I travelled back and forth every few weeks to help clear out and when they found a new place, I physically helped moving stuff as well.
What kind of fitness did I do in 2017? Oh, yes there was a Half Marathon  in Tenerife, one of the toughest one I’ve ever did and I guess carrying boxes was my exercise for the 2nd half of 2017.
Where is my fitness gone? It’s gone! I tried to run to work few times to keep it up but my emotio…

Swimwear inspiration by Zoggs

Summer feeling when I think about this lovely swimwear fashion show by ZOGGS. With no success of running any of the Major Marathons in 2018, I thought it's time to look into other fitness opportunities.  No worries, I will always run but shorter distances.  My body needs more strengthening and I'm currently deciding which gym to join. When I was training for longer races, swimming was always my active recovery.  I'm a good swimmer and I like it. I should look into more swimming? It's a full body workout. 
So before I start jumping into the pool I need a new swimsuit. 
The new Autumn/Winter collection from ZOGGS looks stunning and I already had a sneak peak for next year! 
ZOGGS is an Australian brand that brings swimming closer to anyone in the family. Not just great fashionable looks, also great support depending on passionate you are about swimming. And their kids range is awesome especially when they learn how to swim. If you are a pro, ZOGGS is also well known for their …

DECATHLON: Blogger Community

Hands in the air, if you love fitness! I'm so excited to tell you about this event! There are so many fun things coming up!  My blogging has been recently a bit slow. I know, I know.Private life was taking over.
Can you imagine I moved flat 2x this year? All happened within 2 month. That was kind of my exercise! Packing and carrying boxes! Emotionally a burnout... well that's a different story. But this really got me out and about again! Just a few weeks ago this amazing opportunity came up. I guess you know Decathlon?  They are known for innovative fitness products but now they had this great idea to get together fitness blogger and create a #DecathlonBloggersCommunity.  How does that sound?
 All pics by Decathlon: Award winning Fitness Bloggers and me. Today we all felt like winners!
At the launch event I saw familiar faces like Mollie, Hellen, Corey, but I also met new bloggers like Stephen. Back to school feeling. Introducing Decathlon and the new blogger community project! 2nd part …