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Virgin London Marathon: The Race

An experience of a lifetime! 
Challenged by sweat, tears, like an emotional roller-coaster! It was hard work and the dedication to train for more than 16 weeks makes you happy after crossing the finish line when you know it all payed off. 
After all the hard work and shaking nerves I finally woke up on the day I was waiting for so long. Luckily I was able to stay in Blackheath with my friend Gyongyi, just 10 min away from the start line. Travelling from North-West to South-East the day before was stressful, so I was glad to be able to wake up at a reasonable time at 7:30am. 
Porridge, Banana and a coffee for breakfast - ready to go...

My Marathon kit list:
shirt with name printed on it, sports bra,running tights, depending on weather,Accessories like sun glasses, buff, long sleeve shirt for start line depending on weather,bin-liner for rain while waiting at start line,HR and GPS watch,small waist bag for gel and snacks,running shoes for marathon,cloth for after the race to keep warm,recove…

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