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Jungle diary: Before the race

We finally arrived in Santarém, Brazil, after being nearly 24h on the move.
My team "The Jungle Warriors" from my gym: Flo, Liz, Jon and Stuart.
From the airport we drove ca. 30 min to Alter Do Chao to get on the boat for the 10 hour overnight tour to the first base camp.

Everyone found a place to hang up their hammock. Over 60 people were on the boat.
The next morning we stopped for a swim and many people enyojed a jump into the river.

With a warm welcome by the local kids we found our way to the first base camp along the beach. The first and most important thing to do was to find a place for the hammock and get organised. We stayed 2 nights at this lovely place and had time to climatise and get to know eachother.

A day before the race we were informed about the local dangerous animals like snakes and spiders and we had our kit check done.

I was not afraid at all just nervous about how to handle my energy and pace throughout the day. Well, just snakes I don't really want to …

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